#WineWednesday- St. Joseph's Winery

It's Wednesday again and that means #WineWednesday. Today, we're taking a trip to St. Joseph's Winery.

Just a short drive from the B&B is St. Joseph's Winery. St. Joseph's is one of the first wineries that Norm and I went to shortly after taking over ownership of the B&B. We had never been in a winery before and it was exactly what we had imaged a winery to be - rustic floor boards, cast iron fire stove and beautiful views of the vineyard. Behind the tasting bar is usually one of the owners, Doreen and Art, to guide you through the tasting process one wine at a time. I quickly realized that I love dry red wine.

If you're looking for a place where you can bring in your favorite charcuteries to enjoy with your wine, this is the place for you. Cheese and crackers are available at the winery but picnics are always encouraged.

With the vineyard producing many different grape crops (Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot, ,Sangiovese and more) it's easy to find a wine that's perfect for you. They also grow several grapes unique to our area: Corvina and Saperavi.

My go to: Shiraz

Winery hours:

Seasonal - Friday & Saturday 12-7; Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 12-5

Winter - Friday & Saturday 12-7

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