This week is all about Debonne Vineyards.

I thought this week I would take a different approach to the blog post. Instead of writing a long blog post on the winery, I would just bullet point some things we love about the Debonne.

  • The outdoor patio and grounds are fantastic. Perfect place to enjoy your glass or bottle (no judgement here), have a bite to eat, all while enjoying the band or just people watching.

  • Double Wing Brewery, the micro brewery inside the winery. Now, I'm not a beer drinker but a lot our guests are and they love having the option of craft beers. (And you get goldfish pretzels with your beer tastings)

  • The staff is great! (little disclaimer-our daughter, Emily works there and the manager is my friend from high school) They are always happy to help suggest wines or beer.

  • The popcorn! Need I say more?

  • The large wine selection - it doesn't matter if you prefer dry or sweet, they have a wine for you.

My go to wine: Cab Sauv Reserve (I'm a dry red girl). Funny thing - I actually never know what I get to drink at Debonne - I blame my daughter's thoughtfulness - she just hands me a glass when we get there. (I actually had to text her this morning for the blog post)

Debonne is a must stop on your trip to the Grand River Valley. Stop in say Hi to Emily!

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