Winery Wednesday - Harpersfield Vineyard

Winery Wednesday is here again. Today, we are going to talk about Harpersfield Vineyard.

A little background on Harpersfield Vineyard:

* established in 1979

* specialize dry wine from estate grown fruits

* family owned farm and winery

What we love about Harpersfield Vineyard:

* warm and welcoming staff

* cozy french tasting room

* beautiful flower garden surrounding the winery

* inviting patio and picnic area to enjoy (no outside food or beverage allowed)

* fantastic views of the vineyards

* delicious food - we enjoy the 3 Cheese Flatbread pizza

* unbelievable fireplace (you just have to see it)

* Toby and Matilda - the winery mascots

My go to:

Musette Red - a blend of Pinot Noir, Cab Franc and Chamourcin

Another must on your winery list.

Laura and Norm Shimko * Innkeepers/Owners
His Majesty's B&B * 25 Park Street * Madison Village * Ohio * 44057 * 440.221.1758
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