Wine is the answer . . . what was the question?

The conversation around the breakfast table this weekend centered around the wineries they each went to the day before. Everyone had a great time at the wineries, no complaints except wishing they had more time to spend in the area. There just never seems to be enough time to visit all the wineries on their lists.

One of our guests asked the ever popular question - "What winery is your favorite?"

That is such a difficult question to answer. We love all of our wineries but for different reasons. It really depends on our mood and what we want to experience when we go out.

Each winery is our favorite in their own way . . . if we want a great home cooked dinner, if we want to sit back in front of the fireplace and chat, if we want to listen to great live music, if we want to sit outside and enjoy the fantastic scenery . . . the list goes on and on.

Norm and Laura Shimko, Innkeepers

When you stay with us you get more than a local map and a name of where to go. When our guests check in at the B&B, we always ask what their plans are and if they've ever visited our area. We offer suggestions and guidance to help them have the best winery experience they can. We always offer a map of the local wineries with their hours listed along with a list of the live entertainment. We give our personal recommendations, based on what each guest is looking for. We feel we are more than innkeepers, we are experts on our area. We love to talk with guests at breakfast, to hear where they went, what they loved about the area and what they didn't.

Do you want to know our favorites? Let's talk over breakfast.

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