Second Harvest - Ice Wine

Fall in the Grand River Valley is harvest season for the vineyards but did you know that a second harvest happens in the winter. This second harvest is the Ice Wine harvest.

You might be wondering what is Ice Wine. Ice Wine is a sweet, concentrated wine made from grapes that froze on the vine.

After the first harvest, some wineries leave rows of grapes on the vine and wait until winter to harvest. Once the grapes are frozen they are harvested by hand, usually very early in the morning. The vines are shaken which causes the frozen grapes to drop into containers on the ground.

The grapes are harvested and pressed solidly frozen which intensifies the grape juice.

Ice Wine is a dessert wine which is meant to be consumed in small amounts. Don’t worry, unlike a typical table wine, ice wine keeps well after opening. An Ice Wine can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks after opening.

Ice Wine is celebrated in The Grand River Valley everyday in March. During March you can sample Ice Wine and desserts/appetizers that compliment the wine.

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