Oh! This bacon!

Today's conversation from the breakfast table was focused around our bacon. I know what you're thinking ... "Really they talked to you about the bacon?". That's the same response we had over 7 years ago when Michael, the previous owner, told us not to change the bacon. She said once the guests learn that B&B was sold they would ask about the bacon before they made their reservation. Needless to say we were sceptical but she was right!

It wasn't long after we took over, we received our first question about if we still made the bacon. I said, of course we do and they booked the room.

Fast forward 7 years, I still get phone calls and notes on the reservation form from past guests about the bacon.

You're probably wondering what's so special about our bacon. What could we possibly be doing to the bacon?

Without giving away any of our secrets, we can tell you it involves bacon, real maple syrup (from Madison of course), brown sugar and pecans.

Our bacon has become so popular, guests write about it in our guests books in the rooms and in our reviews on social media and TripAdvisor. We now serve bacon everyday!

"Laura's breakfast bacon can't be beat"

"The breakfast that we had was way beyond our expectations. We were expecting bagels and coffee but were served fresh fruit, fresh french toast and the most delicious bacon I have ever tasted."

"The best part of the stay though was the yummy gourmet breakfast - fresh fruit salad with herbs from the gardens, veggie strata which looked like a souffle and bacon that was to die for!"

Laura and Norm Shimko * Innkeepers/Owners
His Majesty's B&B * 25 Park Street * Madison Village * Ohio * 44057 * 440.221.1758
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