New store!

Hi and happy Friday!

"Are there any little, unique shops on Main Street?"

We are asked that question all the time. I love to send our guests to our great shops in the village. We are always encouraging our guests to walk around the village during their stay.

We were so excited when a new store opened up a few days ago. Video Game Nirvana is a ship that specializes in the resale of anything and everything old school gaming.

Norm and I stopped in yesterday and met RJ, the owner. Great guy - very helpful. Ofcourse

Norm was talking trading in and purchasing something "new".

I am not much of a "gamer" - my grandson's play all the time and it's like a foreign language to me. But I have to say that while Norm was working out his trade I started playing Pac-Man on a vintage tv. I was having a blast!

I guess I lived a "sheltered" life as a teen. Game rooms were just starting to be popular but my dad didnt like them at all and I wasn't allowed to go.

You definitely should stop in Video Game Nirvana when you stay at the B&B.

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