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Are you a beer geek, bourbon nerd or a cider lover? Maybe a little bit of all three?

Did you know that the Grand River Valley Region is home to some incredible craft beer, small batch bourbon and hard ciders?

Let’s start with craft beer. Double Wing Brewing Co, located in Debonne Vineyards, was the first micro brewery to be opened in an Ohio winery. The brewery produces a variety of craft beers from IPA, to Pale Ale, to Stout. The brewery tasting room is in the winery with the processing buildings on the grounds of the winery.

More of a Bourbon nerd? Don’t worry; we also have a distillery in the area, Red Eagle Distillery.

A local barn, dating back to the 1800’s, has been transformed into Red Eagle Distillery. Red Eagle distills small batch bourbon, rye, brandy and vodka in house, beneath the barn. Red Eagle Distillery uses ingredients locally sourced and farmed ingredients to produce their spirits.

Cider more your thing? Great! The Winery at Spring Hill has started to produce hard cider, Spring Hill Cider Works. The history of the winery weaves perfectly into the production of ciders; the winery was once a fruit market. There are many different varieties of ciders available at the winery; Bourbon Barrel Maple, LemonBlues, Blueberry Hill - to name just a few.

We are offering, for a limited time, a Beer & Bourbon & Cider Tasting Tour at His Majesty’s B&B. This would be the perfect opportunity to try all three and let us do the driving.

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