Do you want the short or the long version?

One of the most asked questions at the B&B is "What made you buy a B&B?"

Norm's answer is usually "Do you want the short or long version?"

Short is the most popular choice until Norm tells them the short version and then we always have the go into more detail.

So, here's the short version as explained by Norm.

"I got sick, should have died, didn't die and now then we had to buy a business...and work 7 days a week." This answer almost always leads into the long version.

Now for the long version...

This version always begin with us telling our guests that Norm is a Type 1 diabetic and that he went into DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) Thanksgiving weekend of 2011.

A little info on DKA: a serious complication that occurs when the body of a diabetic cant produce enough insulin leading to high blood sugar levels.

We ask our guests if they know what a good blood level is. The answers vary by guest, some do - some don't. FYI 100 to 120 is a good range to be at. Norm's level was 1380 and rising!! He was hospitalized for just under 2 days, while they lowered his blood sugar to acceptable levels. It is a miracle that he didn't suffer any lasting complications from this.

If you think the story ended there, you'd be wrong. Two weeks later, we had to take our, then 19 year old, daughter to the ER. She wasn't feeling good and we thought she probably had strep throat. She didn't have strep but did eventually be admitted with double pneumonia a few days later. Emily's, our daughter, time in the hospital didn't go as smoothly as Norm. After several days in the community hospital and her condition getting worse, we had her transferred to University Hospital in Cleveland. We spent the majority of the next two weeks in the ICU department until she could finally be released two days before Christmas. Our Christmas gift!!

Emily was diagnosed with a previously undetected throat infection and it had spread through her body.

Needless to say, I had a little breakdown and wanted a change in our life.

So we bought a B&B!

Everyone is fine now . . . Norm jokes I now make him work 7 days a week.

Emily is great! She actually works part time at Debonne Vineyards - so next time you're here, stop in & say HI to her!

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